The goal of Cathedral Academy is to educate students for lifelong success grounded in Christian morals and values.  The bible informs us the “the fear of the Lord” is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom (Proverbs 1:7, 9:10).  Therefore, any meaningful education that is truly valid must have a “reverence of God” as its starting point.


We want to meet the academic, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of each student in a Christ-centered environment.  We believe that our school has been called to meet the needs of students in an environment that puts its values on biblical principals.  We are called to minister to and to meet the needs of the Cathedral Academy learner.  We believe that this can only be accomplished by working with the home and the church.  A true and valid education can only come about through the cooperation of the home, church, and school.


We believe that part of loving God with all of our heart, mind, body, and soul entails delivering purposeful teaching that provides order, discipline, and structure (Luke 10:27).  Students are taught to develop and utilize critical thinking skills and are challenged daily by inspiring and dynamic curriculum.  We want to prepare students for the work God has for them.

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